student association

Applied Foreign Language – Cakra Baswara


“Satukan Tekad, Ciptakan Karya, Untuk Mewujudkan Basing Bisa”



The creation of HM Basing which is synergistic, coordinative and responsive in carrying out its duties and responsibilities so it can become a forum for development and service that produces prestigious students.



1. Creating an internal HM Basing that is initiative-driven, disciplined, communicative, and coordinative through the learning process.
2. Maximizing the role of HM Basing as a forum for aspirations, developing student potential, and providing community service in implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.
3. Improving the competence of HM Basing Functionaries to produce a synergistic and responsive work environment.
4. Establish good and mutual relations with internal and external parties to optimize student welfare and realize the HM Basing work program.
5. Optimize the application of information media technology to improve and strengthen the image of HM Basing.